Public do regard farmers as important

The public thinks farmers are more important to their everyday lives than teachers, politicians and bank managers, according to research carried out ahead of Open Farm Sunday (7 June).

Asked to rank a list of professions according to importance, the public ranked farmers fourth – behind doctors and nurses, fire-fighters and police officers.

The research was commissioned by LEAF and supported by the University of Exeter. Over 80% of respondents also said that knowing where their food came from was important or very important.

“It is really heartening to see that the public is taking such an interest in their food and where it comes from. This is good news for our farmers,” said LEAF chief executive Caroline Drummond.

NFU spokesman and Essex farmer Guy Smith added: “Farmers aren’t the most natural show-offs, but we have a great story to tell and a great setting to tell it in. The present generation of farmers have moved their image on from ‘Get off my land’ to ‘Welcome to my farm, I’m proud of what I do’.

“Open Farm Sunday is a chance for us to demonstrate how farmers manage the countryside to produce food and create a beautiful, biodiverse environment.”

Open Farm Sunday

If you are opening up your farm this weekend, don’t forget to take pictures and either email them to us or upload them direct to our online gallery with details of when and where they were taken.