Royal Welsh preview: ADAS advice on NVZs and fertiliser

ADAS will be on hand at this year’s Royal Welsh Show to discuss fertiliser inputs, NVZ compliance and Glasdir, the new Welsh environmental scheme.

Following a reduction in lime application to grassland in Wales over the last 15 years, along with the rising costs of fertiliser, consultants will be available to give advice on how pH can affect grassland productivity and fertiliser response.

The stand will feature an exhibit on different grassland swards, soil samples of different soil pH and examples of how farmers can optimise results from fertiliser and organic manure.

With the new NVZ rules effecting 4% of land in Wales, consultants will also be advising visitors on low-cost ways of ensuring compliance – from changing building layout to diverting clean water on farm.

ADAS will also be answering questions about Glasdir, the new environmental scheme tackling renewable energy to be introduced by the Welsh Assembly from 2010.

Visitors will also be able to find out about the latest ADAS research into grazing management and semi-natural grassland.

The stand will be in the Countryside Care Area, adjoining the Environmental Agency Stand.