VIDEO – Farmers Weekly Awards: The impact of winning

If you think that winning one of the 14 Farmers Weekly Awards categories is simply a matter of receiving a little trophy – albeit a solid silver one weighing 325g – think again.

The impact of winning one of the silver, ploughshare-shaped trophies has ramifications way beyond pleasure and pride. For Alistair Bull, 2009 Beef Farmer of the Year, sponsored by McDonald’s, there have been tangible business benefits.

“I know that I am getting 5p/kg over the odds for my beef, because buyers are fighting for my business since I became 2009 Beef Farmer of the Year,” said Mr Bull.

He also has suppliers offering him competitive feed prices, good wishes from all around the world and a local profile that he couldn’t have imagined.

For Martin and Mary Baker, 2009 Contractor of the Year, sponsored by JCB, the pleasure of being able to share their success with their family and staff has been the biggest benefit. “Its wonderful to be able to look back at what we achieved – our team and family are so important to the success of the business, through all its ups and downs,” said Mary Baker.

William and Caroline Alexander, winners of the 2009 Diversification Farmer of the Year, sponsored by Firestone, have found that their customers were delighted.

“Our customers that regularly use our farm shop are really pleased for us.

“It reinforces their view of the business. The local publicity has been hugely beneficial.”

And Anthony Gothard, the 2009 Dairy Farmer of the Year, sponsored by DairyCo, found the process of looking in-depth into his business and focussing on how it had evolved was beneficial because it reinforced his belief that he was on the right track.

You should enter the Awards to

• Have yours, your team’s and your family’s achievements recognised

• Open doors to buyers and suppliers competing for your business

• Deliver valuable pr and marketing for your business – and British farming

• Build business confidence for you and your

• Experience the best night in farming for you and your partner.

How you can enter the Awards

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Go to and download an entry form or enter online

Or simply ring Marion Phillips on 020 8652 4081 or Linda Kimberley on 020 8652 3304 for guidelines on entering.

The closing date for entries is 30 April.

To see what impact winning had on the Farmers Weekly Awards 2009 winners, Watch our to our video:

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