Environmental groups applaud Monsanto

6 October 1999

Environmental groups applaud Monsanto

ENVIRONMENTAL groups have applauded the decision of Monsanto not to market its so-called “terminator” seed technology.

This product of genetic engineering has given the company the capability of producing plants which result in sterile seeds.

But fears remain that the company may simply be dropping the technology until the political climate improves.

The company has confirmed it is to continue research into “trait technologies”. These have been dubbed “terminator 2” or “gene switchers”.

They would allow a company to develop crops that grow only if sprayed with a regimen of chemicals that includes its herbicides or insecticides.

Robert Shapiro, chairman of Monsanto, will today plead the cause of genetically modified crops at a business conference staged in London by Greenpeace.

He is due to deliver a speech by satellite link.

The Guardian also carries reports from America and India on reaction to Monsantos decision.

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