EU barley demand in North Africa, Mid-East HGCA

Tuesday, 18 January, 2000

  • EU barley markets are expected to pick up after the recent lull. Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco are all expected to make a return to the market as their stocks are thought to be low. Possible trade negotiations are currently underway with Mexico, Russia, and Brazil.
  • ONIC, the French cereals authority is pushing the EU to adopt a more aggressive export policy so as to clear EU barley stocks before next years final WTO limit on coarse grains begins to bite.
  • Iran has been the largest client of EU grain and in particular French wheat, in the first six months of the 1999/00 season. This was due to the drought Iran suffered in 1999.

  • French domestic wheat prices started the week with some support from the export award of 6 January, but limited covering through the week left prices
    unchanged by Thursday.

  • Germany is seeing increased export demand which is keeping their cereals market active. German cereal exports, as at 30 October reached 3.45 million tonnes, compared to 2.10m tonnes for the same point last year. It is thought that 50% of German wheat exports went to EU countries, whilst the majority of barley and rye went to third countries.
  • German wheat prices saw little change from last week despite reports of increased miller and improved export demand.

  • Spain is reported to be in short supply of maize due to their poor harvest, and the fact that the cheap import non-EU maize awarded by the EU has so far
    been too small. The award of 246,300 last Thursday had little impact on prices as it had been sitting in silos at Spanish ports for weeks.

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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