EU export policy unchanged: HGCA

  • MANCOM awarded free-market zero refunds for 93,000 tonnes of French wheat and 93,150 tonnes of barley.

    It also awarded 262,630 tonnes of German intervention barley at a minimum price of Euro101.34/t. Bids came in just above the 2001/02 intervention price of Euro101.31/t.

  • ECB cuts interest rates

    THE European Central Bank cut interest rates 0.25%, bringing euro-zone rates to 4.5% on Thursday (10 May).

    The Euro weakened against the Dollar over the week, ending almost 2US¢ down by Friday (11 May).

  • Spanish winter cereal area down

    SPAINS Agriculture Ministry forecast 2000/01 winter cereal area at 5.75m hectares, a fall of 8% on 1999/00. Of this, wheat and barley areas were cut by 6.7% and 10% respectively.

  • OECD charts European farm support cut

    THE OECDs measure of farm support in 2001 – as measured by the Producer Subsidy Equivalent – puts the fall in EU support at twice the level of the average decline in other OECD countries.

    The PSE was put at 38% in the EU, 9% down on last year, mainly due to the fall in export subsidies.

  • Euro1 = 61.72p or 87.46US&¢ on 15 May

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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