EU set to ban Portugals beef over BSE

28 October 1998

EU set to ban Portugal’s beef over BSE

THE European Commission is today expected to recommend a ban on exports of Portuguese cattle and beef following an outbreak of BSE.

The Commissions recommendation will follow a sharp rise this year in the incidence of BSE in the Portugal.
Since January, Portuguese authorities have detected more than 50 cases of BSE in cattle, half as many as in all previous years put together.

The Portuguese ban could affect the UKs chances of getting its ban lifted.

The UK is hoping the ban dropped by the end of the year but several countries, including Germany, are reluctant to give approval and may point to Portugal as evidence of the continuing threat from BSE.

Portuguese beef exports are worth about £5.7 million a year and go mainly to Spain.

  • Financial Times 28/10/98 page 2 (News Digest)

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