EU transport rules

5 June 1998

EU transport rules

PRESENT EU recommendations for transporting lambs are inadequate, and stocking densities should be defined in terms of m2/100kg rather than m2/animal.

Work by Toby Knowles and colleagues at Bristol vet school looked at transporting lambs for 24 hours during summer and winter at a range of stocking densities. He found that fewer lambs lay down and rested at high stocking densities and they became more fatigued.

According to the report in Veterinary Record (May 9, 1998), EU recommendations include stocking densities in terms of space allowance an animal which are physically impossible to achieve. The researchers say stocking densities should allow sufficient space for all animals to lie down, and that recommendations should be more strictly defined by type and weight of animal, preferably in m2/100kg. &#42

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