Euro and harvest disruption affect UK prices HGCA

  • Delivered markets saw mixed changes this week as the bulk of the wheat harvest draws closer. Currency volatility also impacted on prices.
  • Some small pockets of old-crop demand remain, but most prices now reflect new-crop values. Harvest wheat prices were down around 50p, while harvest barley prices were up 50p.
  • Further forward, wheat prices were supported by the Euros continuing strength and a slightly firmer French market.
  • Traders note that early cuts of Soissons are fetching less of a premium than usual, at about £3 to £5/t over feed.
  • Good weather prospects for the start of the wheat harvest, and the activity in the French market, led to some limited interest in UK wheat for export.
  • Premiums for biscuit wheat exports were quoted at about £1.75/t, and up to £2.75/t for varieties such as Consort and Riband, while a £6/t premium was quoted for Class 2 varieties.

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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