29 June 2001


&#8226 BRUSSELS has extended the area of Spain from which it is banning exports of live pigs, semen, ova and embryos, after further outbreaks of classical swine fever. The first case was found in Catalonia on June 14, since when there have been seven more outbreaks including one in neighbouring Valencia. The Netherlands, which lost half its pigs to the disease in 1997, has imposed a blanket ban on Spain.

&#8226 FRANCE has been declared "foot-and-mouth free" by the International Office of Epizootics, giving it unrestricted access to Third country markets. Three months have passed since the last case of the disease was found in Seine-et-Marne near Paris. During that time over 7000 blood tests have been completed, all of them negative.

&#8226 IRISH farmers have launched a campaign of "non-co-operation" with road builders in a bid to secure better compensation for those faced with compulsory purchase orders. The IFA has urged its members not to allow officials on to their land to conduct survey work, until they get a "radical increase in payments". The government plans to treble its investment in the next few years to improve the countrys inadequate road network. &#42

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