23 April 1999


&#8226 COMMON agricultural policy reforms agreed by EU heads of state in Berlin are insufficient and unacceptable according to the Cairns group of countries. In a joint statement released on Monday, ministers from countries as diverse as Australia, Columbia, Canada and Thailand said EU producers would still be shielded from international market signals and that further reforms would be needed.

&#8226 EUROPEAN scientists meet in Brussels today (Fri), to discuss the use of antibiotics in animal feed and any link to increased human resistance to the drugs.

&#8226 EURO MPs have expressed grave concern at the slow rate of decline in the number of BSE cases in the UK, calling on the EU Commission to investigate. In a debate last week they also called for a compulsory register of all CJD cases in Europe and a redoubling of efforts to develop a live test for BSE.

&#8226 FRENCH wine producers have been urged to join with public services in the fight against alcoholism in the country. Farm minister Jean Glavany told growers they had much to gain by educating young people in the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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