Europe to investigate animal feed

31 August 1999

Europe to investigate animal feed

THE European Commission (EC) has asked member states to comment on the manufacture of animal feed in the light of reports that sewage sludge has been incorporated into French feed.

The Commission is also to investigate evidence from Belgium that meat exported from Denmark to the USA showed signs of dioxin contamination.

The concern over animal feed was exacerbated by last weeks discovery by Dutch authorities that sewage waste had also been used in Dutch feed and allegations of a similar occurrence in Germany.

Although sewage may not be used in the manufacture of animal feed, sludge from slaughterhouses is often added to animal remains for the manufacture of meat and bonemeal (MBM).

The feeding of MBM to farm animals in the UK has been banned as a result of precautions against BSE.

The investigation into Danish meat for dioxin contamination is at the instigation of Belgium.

It reported to the EC that US authorities found high levels of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in samples of pork from Denmark and the Netherlands.

The European Union has now forced Belgium to test its meat products for PCBs before export.

But Belgium says it is unfair that it has been singled out when meat from other countries shows evidence of contamination.

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