2 April 1999


uPROSTAGLANDINS such as Estrumate and Prosolvin do not compromise cow fertility. Gareth Starbuck of University of Nottingham quashed controversy over whether the drugs compromised the corpus luteums ability to produce progesterone and ensure embryo survival.

uRAPIDLY wilting silage can increase sheep intakes by 8-10% compared with grass wilted in the swath. But Writtle Colleges Julian Hill warned that high DM silage could be unstable, a concern because sheep ate through a clamp more slowly than cattle. "Aim for 30% DM for the best result."

uSCANNING backfat levels in sheep at 21 weeks may be too early for later maturing breeds, which have low fat depths at that time, said SACs Ron Lewis.

uSYNCHRONISING ovulation as well as heat in dairy cows could help increase conception rates further. Nottingham Universitys George Mann said that this would be a cheaper option than using two inseminations, particularly when using high genetic merit semen. &#42

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