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27 August 1999

Spud spectacular awaits

BRITISH Potato 99 aims to bring together all aspects of this increasingly complex industry at one venue to help growers keep right up to date with all the latest developments.

Organised by the British Potato Council and sponsored by Lloyds TSB, it gives technical R&D a high profile.

As well as a compact area of working machinery, there will be demonstration plots and seminars to explain the latest research findings and market needs, plus a trade show of around 200 exhibitors.

Exhibition marquee

Topics for the seminars in the exhibition marquee are:

&#8226 How can you keep your seed buyers happy? The BPC seed sector survey has identified what the gripes are – come and hear what seed growers should be doing to keep buyers sweet.

&#8226 Organics – a genuine growing market, or could the bubble burst? Ten points to consider before taking the plunge.

&#8226 Its a costly investment. Heres how to make the figures stack up for potatoes, using the top 10% of producers as an example. Farm accountant Deloitte and Touche does the number crunching.

&#8226 Does your own crop match up? Comparing performance against the BPCs reference crops could help you identify improvements.

&#8226 Exports. UK producers have made progress in the ever-present battle to attract buyers from overseas. How can we ensure exports remain both high volume and high value?

&#8226 Building a new image. Hear how potato promotion with consumers will keep rice and pasta in their place, and help your business grow. &#42

British Potato 99 Seminar Programme

Wed, Sept 8

10.30 Seed sector survey Joanne Kemp, BPC.

11.30 Organic potato production Pete Saunders, NIAB.

12.30 Financial benchmarking Vincent Hedley Lewis,

Deloitte and Touche.

13.30 Reference crops Dr David Firman,

Cambridge University Farm.

14.30 Export promotion Diana Rees and Alasdair MacLennan, BPC.

15.30 Marketing campaigns Kathryn Trivett and

Victoria Branch, BPC.

Thur, Sept 9

10.30 Seed sector survey Joanne Kemp, BPC.

11.30 Organic potato production Pete Saunders, NIAB.

12.30 Financial benchmarking Giles Penn,

Deloitte and Touche.

13.30 Reference crops Dr David Firman,

Cambridge University Farm.

14.30 Marketing campaigns Kathryn Trivett and

Victoria Branch, BPC.

With the theory explained, there is then the chance to see it put into practice on a range of demonstration and trial plots.

Key features include:

V Greenvale AP

Demonstration of single and combination methods of haulm desiccation including mechanical, chemical and burning alternatives.

W Cambridge University Farm/British Potato Council

One of five sites within Great Britain where reference crops are being grown. Four varieties – Estima, Cara, Lady Rosetta and Russet Burbank – are being grown and closely monitored to provide benchmark information on the development, performance and quality of these varieties at locations throughout the UK.

X ADAS/British Potato Council

Demonstration of a range of different fertiliser practices. Organic manures, their nitrogen value to the growing crop. Amounts and forms of potash. Time and method of application.

Y National Inst of Agricultural Botany/British Potato Council

Demonstration of established and newer general ware/pre-pack varieties comparing tuber shape, size, yield and skin finish. Demonstration showing the effect of three seed rates on tuber size distribution of four newer varieties. High, low and optimum spacings are compared. Rhizoctonia demonstration illustrating varietal differences in yield, black scurf and tuber cracking in infected and healthy stock.

Z SAC/British Potato Council

A comparison of approved fungicide seed treatments to assess their effect on emergence, vigour, yield and disease development in the progeny crop.

British Potato 99

When: Wed, Sept 8 and Thur, Sept 9.

Opening times: 9am-5.30pm

Admission: £10 per person, max £20 per vehicle, Or £5 per person in advance from Pamela Hedges, BPC (01865-714455; fax 01865-782283; www.potato.org.uk)

By road: Entrance is south of A17 Newark-Sleaford road, just east of junction with A1/A46 at Newark-on-Trent. Signposting from all local routes.

By rail: Nearest stations are Newark Castle and Newark Northgate – 15 minutes taxi ride

By plane: Birmingham International – one hour drive; East Midlands – 45 minutes drive.

Exhibitors list

Main marquee

1 GFT Agricultural Products

2 Superfog

3 Offshoot/Trident Potato Quilts

4 J & &#42 Bunn

5 R S Hall Engineering

6 Parker Weighing Systems

7 Lammers & Van Cleeff UK

8 Bradley Refrigeration

9 Peter Cox (Marketing)

10 Aquaflex

11 Burdens Distribution

12 Skye Instruments

13 QV Foods

14 FJ Pirie & Co

15 Muddy Boots Software

16 Octagon Products

17 Fen-Pal

18 Cornerstone Systems

19 Aardappelwereld

20 Glen Farrow Irrigation

21 Branston Potatoes

22 Caithness Potatoes

23 Owens Corning Building Products (UK)

24 Potato-Call

25 Agrolon

26 Potato Review

27 Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department

28 Scottish Crop Research Institute

29 Central Science Laboratory

30 British Crop Protection Council

36 British Potato Council

37 Gordon & Innes

38 Rhône-Poulenc Agriculture

39 Higgins Group

40 McCain Foods (GB)

41 Phosyn

42 Field Irrigation

43 Korsnas Paper Sacks

44 Greenvale AP

45 Clifton Rubber

46 East Riding Sacks

47 Farming On-Line

48 Domino UK

49 Weir Systems

50 Sutton Bridge/ Hoche International Produce

51 Grimme UK

52 Bayer

53 Cargill

54 Russell Burgess

55 MBM/Beeson Group

59 Martin Lishman

60 Potash Development Assoc

61 Saltire Seed

62 Lockwood Graders (UK)

63 Isothane

64 Urethane & Coating Systems

65 Beckside Buildings & Installations

66 PBI Agrochemicals

67 Michael Williams Engineering

68 Foamspray

69 Richard Jackson Partnership


71 Harper Adams University College


73 Scottish Agricultural College

74 O/K International (Europe)

75 Pear Technology Services

76 Luxan UK

77 Novartis Crop Protection

78 Interjute

79 Zeneca Crop Protection

80 Broadacre Farms

81 Banks Agriculture

82 Specialist Potatoes

83 VMB

84 Revaho UK

85 Profarma

86 Farm Works

87 S G Baker

88 Welvent

89 G Forbes & Son

90 Harvest Installations

91 Dalgety Group

92 Farm Energy Centre


94 Claypack

95 Improcrop UK

96 Ramsay Soil Injection

97 Farm Electronics

98 Whyte Agrochemicals

99 Tong Engineering

100 Agriquip

101 Agritronix

102 Assidoman Sacks (UK)

Outdoor exhibits

115 Peal Engineering

116 Easterby Trailers

117 Benest Sprayers

118 EW Downs and Son

119 Scotts Potato Machinery

125 David Harrison

126 Radiophone

127 RST Irrigation

128 Haith Tickhill Group

129 Newtec Odense (UK)

130 JF Charlton & Co

131 Richard Western

132 DT Dijkstra

135 Fenmarc Produce

136 Hydro Agri (UK)

137 Agri-Weld

138 Agrihold Farm Machinery UK

139 PMR Storage Systems & Installations

140 County Fertilisers

141 Pellcroft Engineering

142 Triffit Trailers

150 Richard Pearson

151 Abertay Paper Sacks

152 Flame Weeders

153 Harper Adams University College

154 Sands Agricultural Machinery

155 Briggs Irrigation

156 Broadwater Machinery

157 Grampian Tractors

158 Omex Agriculture

162 Horstine Farmery

165 R J Bateman Engineering

166 Verti-Pack

167 Berthoud Sprayers

168 Soil Association

169 Lloyds TSB

170 Miedema Mercer Machinery

171 Netagco Sales (UK)

172 Thomas Equipment Divn

173 Finning Materials Handling

175 John White & Son (Weighing Machines)

180 Standen Engineering

181 Steve Thorley Farm Services

183 Wright Rain

184 Bauer

185 Oakleys Irrigation

186 Kverneland (UK)

187 A E Goodacre & Son

188 Dowdeswell Engineering

189 Marston Agricultural Services

190 Crops/ farmers weekly

191 Hortichem

192 Javelin Water Engineering

200 R J Herbert Engineering

201 W J Morray Engineering

202 Pacepacker

Demonstration plots

A Agrico UK

B Seed Potato Promotions (Northern Ireland)

C Gordon & Innes

D Van Rijn

E Agrolon

F Pseedco

H Caithness Potatoes

J MBM/Beeson Group

M Hortichem

V Greenvale AP

W Cambridge University Farm




Working machinery demonstrations

M1 Netagco


Hydro Pneumatic Bedformer Auto Release, RT170 Bedtiller

5154S Stone and Clod Separator,

Netagco Rumpstad 3.8m full width bed cultivator

M2 Standen Engineering Eureka! by Standen stone burier

M3 Kverneland

3800 Auto Release Bedformer

GS 200 Bedtiller

3800 Shear Bolt Bedformer

4210 Destoner

M4 Richard Pearson

Jumbo Bedformer


Megastar Plus soil separator

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