Exmoor farmers threaten to shoot deer

01 July 1997

Exmoor farmers threaten to shoot deer

Exmoor Farmers have threatend to shoot deer that stray onto their land if hunts
are banned. They allow the hunt across their land because they regard the deer
as vermin.

Blood sports critics argue that deer hunts, in Exford, Exmoor, could be replaced
with drag hunts. This is where a scent is laid for the hounds. Exmoor farmers
say this is not an alternative.

There are growing fears in the village that painful economic change is in store
if anti-hunting MPs manage to push through a ban on hunting foxes and stags with
hounds. Mike Foster, Labour MP for Worcester, has introduced a private members
bill which will receive a second reading on November 28. It could theoretically
outlaw hunting within 18 months.

  • Financial Times 01/07/97 page 12

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