Export scheme plans resubmitted

18 July 1997

Export scheme plans resubmitted

MAFF has finalised its revised plans for an export certified herd scheme aimed at lifting the EU beef ban for qualifying cattle.

Farm minister Jack Cunningham told the European Parliaments BSE inquiry committee that the plans took account of concerns raised by the EU scientific veterinary committee, which rejected the original scheme.

The plans have been submitted to the EU scientific veterinary committee and would be examined at their next meeting.

Under the revised proposal the period for which there must be no record of BSE in the herd would increase from six to eight years, said Dr Cunningham.

Eligibility would be restricted to animals still in their herd of birth, or which have all movement records since leaving their natal herd. Meat from animals under six months would be excluded and all meat exported under the scheme would be deboned.

Dr Cunningham added that talks were continuing with the EU Commission on separate plans for the export of meat from animals born after a specific date. And the UK was considering extending the selective cull to take account of maternal transmission.n

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