Extra time for Scots arable

1 May 1998

Extra time for Scots arable

RECENT bad weather has led to arable farmers in some parts of Scotland being given an extra fortnight to sow green crop cover on set-aside land under the arable aid scheme.

The deadline of May 1 has been extended to May 15 in areas covered by Scottish Office centres in Inverurie, Elgin, Inverness, Dundee, Perth, Stirling, and Galashiels.

The Scottish NFU is also seeking a derogation on the IACS deadline of May 15 for the sowing of spring arable crops and it is understood that EU authorities have been made aware that a derogation may be sought but that a formal request from the Scottish Office will be delayed until nearer the deadline. Last year there was an IACS extension for Orkney because of bad weather in April and May.

The Scottish Office has reminded all farmers that they must submit IACS forms by the May 15 deadline irrespective of any adverse sowing conditions.

Both Welsh farming unions have appealed for the May 15 IACS deadline for sowing spring cereals to be put back.

They have told the Welsh Office that late snow and record April rainfall have made it impossible to complete cultivations on time.

Their requests were sympathetically received and a quick response is expected.

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