F&M: A war of disinfectant

22 June 2001

F&M: A war of disinfectant

THERE can be profit in war. The fight to control foot-and-mouth disease has been boom time for manufacturers of disinfect and application equipment.

Joining the throng is Worcs-based Air Spectrum Environmental which has developed four systems to disinfect cars, commercial vehicles, lorries and buildings.

The road system comprises a disinfectant-soaked coconut mat which can be placed in a shallow road trench.

Measuring 4m x 4m, the mat is soaked in disinfectant at timed intervals by a 12v battery-powered pump.

The vehicle system is designed to spray the inside and outside of wheels, with absorbent matting disinfecting wheel treads. The system starts and stops automatically as the vehicle enters and leaves the 4m wide by 3m long matted area.

For disinfecting large vehicles such as milk tankers and grain lorries, Air Spectrum has developed its lorry system, which sprays the underside, wheels, sides and top of large trucks.

Measuring 4m x 4m x 5.5m, the system starts and stops automatically and takes about 50 seconds to cover a 40t lorry with 40 litres of disinfectant. Tyre treads are treated by a disinfectant-soaked mat with pre-diluted chemical stored in a 1000 litre container.

Air Spectrum also offers a range of building disinfectant systems to treat vast internal areas of buildings using pressures of up to 1000psi. The company says the remote controlled systems completely saturate the inside of buildings including roof joist and eaves.

Prices for the vehicle and lorry disinfection systems are from £1000 and £1750 respectively. &#42

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