FAAS view – two weeks

14 August 1998

FAAS view – two weeks

PRODUCERS have just two weeks to suggest how the Forage Additives Approval Scheme (FAAS) could be improved.

Proposals already under consideration by UKASTA include the appointment of a farmer to a supervisory board to represent producers interests, a requirement to submit all trials results to gain additive approval, and a ban on changes to additive ingredients following publication of the register.

UKASTAs Jim Reed recognises the scheme, launched in 1993, is due for a review. But he warns that producers must be prepared to part-fund the scheme if its to change significantly.

At present, manufacturers and suppliers fund the £50,000 annual cost of running FAAS from sales of £50-60m. Also, some prospective changes, such as full declaration of trials results, may be difficult to police, warns Mr Reed. However, UKASTA hopes to introduce new criteria for FAAS before the 1999 register is started, although some areas will not be implemented until 2000.

Ideas for changes must reach UKASTA before the Forage Additives Committee meeting in early September. Contact Derek Ward, UKASTA, 3 Whitehall Court, London. SW1A 2EQ.

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