Farm outsider whos so keen to be inside…

27 June 2002

Farm outsider whos so keen to be inside…

FARMING is still an attractive career to people with no family background in agriculture, if James Brady is anything to go by.

The 15-year-old, whos off to Rodbaston College this autumn, is determined to forge a career in the industry, having developed an interest in early childhood.

His parents bought him his first cow on his eleventh birthday and, more recently, hes built stock numbers up on rented land, tending to the animals before and after school.

According to his mum, he was going to a local farm watching and doing small tasks "every spare minute" until, by the age of 11, he was helping with milking.

"There is no history of farming in our family and we dont live on a farm but even his first words were tractor and cows.

"James is always supportive towards the British farmers – he always has been and always will be. I know, no matter what the government seems to throw at farmers, it does not put him off. He is more determined than ever to go to agricultural college and get a farm of his own one day," she says.

"Some people at school think Im mad," says James. "But Ive known what I want to do for as long as I can remember."

Its been hard work, with lots of long days, he admits. "But it doesnt feel like work when you enjoy it."

James, who lives at Gnosall, Staffs, hopes to go to Harper Adams after his two-year ND in Agriculture and, ultimately, work in dairying. Farming, he says, offers some great opportunities at present.

"Because not that many people of my age are going into it, theres got to be opportunities for those who do."

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