FFA proposes three day food strike

Farmers For Action is gauging whether farmers are willing to support a three day strike, during which they withhold produce from the marketplace.

The farming lobby group is asking producers to get in contact if they support the proposed strike, which it has suggested should happen from 2-4 Nov.

FFA chairman, David Handley said: “We can no longer allow retail dominance as we now see it.  The consumer needs to look into the future – no fresh produce on the shelves. 

“The retailers need to know we as an industry no longer intend to be raped by them on a daily basis.  Government has failed us, OFT has failed us and the time has now come for primary producers to show we have had enough”.

FFA proposes non-movement of any finished stock in the UK, together with no movement of fruit, vegetables and grain and the withholding of 50% of all milk from every producer over the three day period.

The organisation has also suggested that farmers should send 50% of their milk to Westbury in Wiltshire, where it could be dried and donated to victims of disasters overseas, through the relative aid agencies.

Farmers are urged to contact Farmers For Action by one of the following methods just saying yes and leaving contact details.

Tel  01291 690224, Fax 01291 690984, e mail secretary@farmersforaction.org, Text 07746 845820

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