FSA consults the security services to protect the food supply chain

Fears of a terrorist attack on the food supply chain has prompted the Food Standards Agency to consult the industry and security services to identify ways to minimise risk and formulate a response should an attack occur.

A meeting, held last Thursday is believed to the first of its kind and involved retailers, manufacturers, enforcement officers and members of MI5. But it is understood there is no specific threat to the food supply.

According to BeverageDaily.com, concerns over the terror threat posed by al-Qaeda and its associates in the UK have deepened in the past week following warnings from the government. MI5 revealed last week that it knew of about 30 plots to attack the UK.

“In the past the relationship between the food industry and the security services has not been very close,” an industry source present at the meeting told BeverageDaily.com.

The FSA intends to use Thursday’s meeting to develop a “portfolio of good practice guide” to both prevent and respond to a food terror attack.

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