NFU Cymru spells out its priorities for the next government

Election hopefuls have set out their plans for the future of farming and the environment, but what do industry organisations think the next government should tackle? Here the NFU Cymru sets out what it thinks the priorities should be.

Creating a productive farming industry must be a priority for the next government, according to NFU Cymru.

Ed Bailey, NFU Cymru president, said that any incoming government must put productive agriculture at the centre of its political agenda.

Food labelling was an issue of major concern to Welsh farmers and needed reviewing urgently.

“For too long it has been too easy for those who wish to mislead consumers as to where their food comes from to do so,” he said.

“NFU Cymru wants clear and unambiguous country of origin labelling on all meat and meat products allowing consumers to make an informed choice.”

The squeeze on funding for agricultural research and development was another issue that needed to be addressed, he added.

“The challenges of feeding a global population cannot be underestimated. A research and development focus on increasing resource use efficiency, genetic improvement of crops and livestock, control of pests and diseases, reducing waste and increasing by-product use in farming systems are more vital than ever.”

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