NFU Scotland lobby Scottish Parliament for fairer prices for farmers

NFU Scotland is lobbing the Scottish Parliament where it is calling on MSPs to sign a petition calling for fairer prices for Scottish farmers.

The union has sent all MSPs a letter featuring statistics about prices farmers receive, including some dire figures about the Scottish dairy industry. 

One in four Scottish dairy farmers has gone out of business in the past four years and Scottish farmers lose 4p/litre yet British supermarkets make around 10p/litre profit on every litre sold, the letter points out.

It also states that in 2006 a kilogram of new potatoes sold for £1.80 in Scottish supermarkets but farmers received only 17 p/kg.

The MSPs are being invited to add their names to a petition, which has gathered more than five thousand signatures so far, calling for fair prices for Scottish farmers.

Anna Davies, NFU Scotland communications and campaigns manager, said consumers are increasingly demanding Scottish produce and supermarkets have a responsibility to pay prices which ensure everyone in the food chain can make a living.
Andrew Arbuckle MSP, who is hosting the union’s visit to the Parliament on Thursday, 11 January, said the Scottish Parliament has shown broad support for fair prices for farmers through its Inquiry into the Food Supply Chain.

“However, the issue is ongoing and NFU Scotland’s presence in the Parliament will allow MSPs to build on the campaign, especially ahead of the Scottish parliamentary elections this May.”

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