Olympic pledge to support British eggs

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) is reiterating the importance of sourcing egg products from eggs produced in legal systems to all Olympic Games caterers, following pressure from British Lion eggs and the NFU.

LOCOG has already stipulated that all shell eggs used during the games will be British Lion free-range eggs. However, until recently, the sourcing requirements for egg products have not been as clear.

After detailed briefings from industry representatives, highlighting the continued production of illegal battery cage eggs in some parts of the EU, Lord Sebastian Coe has now confirmed “we will be reiterating our expectation of our caterers to source all other egg products from eggs produced in legal systems only”.

“We are confident that, as our caterers are required to use British products where possible, this will help in our fulfilment of our expectation,” he added.

Andrew Parker, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, welcomed the clarification. “We’re delighted that LOCOG is supporting British producers and underlining how important it is that all Olympic games caterers ensure their eggs and egg products fully comply with the legislation banning barren battery cages.”

NFU president Peter Kendall added that the move would enhance both the customer experience of the games and the prospect of a sustainable food service legacy following it.

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