Pig farmer awarded for industry work

A Norfolk pig farmer has been awarded a top honour for his contribution to the British pig industry.

Philip Richardson, an independent pig producer from mid Norfolk, received the annual David Black Award from food and farming minister Lord Rooker at a ceremony held at the House of Lords this week.

The award, organised by the British Pig Executive, was presented in recognition of the time Mr Richardson has given to the industry through his involvement of many pig industry-related committees. In particular, Mr Richardson had conducted detailed examinations of the legislative changes to the industry over recent years.

The judges said his willingness to read the small print of government and EU directives and defend industry interests in the face of a rising bureaucracy caught their attention.

Mr Richardson said cuts in research and development funding, additional costs of meeting the environmental agenda faced by the industry and challenges posed by the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Rules will affect all large scale pig units in under 3 months time.

He also called for less red tape for the pig industry to work in partnership with the Government.

Speaking at the ceremony, Lord Rooker also referred to the high levels of red tape being faced by the industry and said the pig industry was one of the few sectors which received no direct EU financial support.