Politicians seize photo opportunities down on the farm

David Cameron was not the first politician to seize the value of a farming photo opportunity when he tweeted pictures of himself with a lamb on Easter Sunday.

The four photos show the prime minister taking a “break from campaigning” to try his hand at feeding the newborn lamb at Dean Lane Farm, Oxfordshire.

The photos were retweeted more than 850 times – although some commentators were quick to suggest that campaigning for re-election was exactly what he was doing.

But Mr Cameron is not the first politician – or prime minister – to recognise the power of a farming-related photo when trying to woo voters.

David Cameron feeding a lamb

© Zuma/Rex Shutterstock

David Cameron looked relaxed as he bottle-fed the lamb at Dean Lane Farm, Oxfordshire.

Margaret Thatcher on farm

© Daily Mail/Rex Shutterstock

Margaret Thatcher cuddled a calf – a two-day-old Charolais named Maggie – while on the campaign trail in 1979 while visiting a farm at Willisham, near Ipswich, Suffolk.

Nick Clegg on farm

© Chris Radburn/PA

Nick Clegg, back in 2010, also recognised the value of building bridges – or stone walls – with farmers.

Tony Blair with Red Trctor logo

© Tony Harris/PA

Prime minister Tony Blair held a 3D model of the Little Red Tractor logo when he launched the food logo on the step of Downing Street in 2000

Some photo opportunities don’t always go to plan…

John Prescott pelted with egg

© David Kendall/PA

Deputy prime minister John Prescott let his temper get the better of him back in 2001 by punching farmworker Craig Evans, who had thrown an egg at him.

But other photo opportunities are much more convivial…

Nigel Farage at CLA Game Fair

© Cliff Hide/LNP/Rex Shutterstock

Ukip leader Nigel Farage is a dab hand at the photo opportunity – often holding a pint of beer. Here he is at the Game Fair in 2014 with Ross Murray of the Country Land and Business Association.

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