Soil Association lays out its wishlist for the next government

Election hopefuls have set out their plans for the future of farming and the environment, but what do industry organisations think the next government should tackle? Here the Soil Association sets out what it thinks the priorities should be.

The next government must change the UK’s food culture to prioritise local, seasonal and organic food, according to the Soil Association.

Policies must be based around science and support global moves to agro-ecological farming, said policy director Peter Melchett, of which organic is the best example.

The government must also plan how to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions in UK farming in line with future EU requirements.

“The government should set out a clear vision for UK farming in 2030, when 34% cuts of greenhouse gases will be required and for 2050 when we need to have cut emissions by 80-90%,” he said.

An immediate priority must be for funds in the CAP reform to be spent on supporting climate friendly farming systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and store carbon in the soil, he added.

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