Farm subsidies get real!

25 April 2000

Farm subsidies — get real!

GET real, JTS of Chelmsford (Why farn subsidies and not other industries?, FWi Open Forum, 21 March, 2000).

Unrealistic profit margins, and many ways of keeping
farming profitable, and a lot more – all from somebody just out of nappies!

Give us three ways of keeping farming profitable, JTS. I am sure there are a lot of farmers waiting to hear them. If you have any, dont keep them a secret!

And as for handouts, most farmers just want a level playing field, and who caused the BSE crisis? (Answer, in case you have not learned that at college, JTS, is the government of the day). After a lot of compensation, farmers are still well out of pocket, so I think before you make comments like that again, at least give us the benefit of your wide experience in business.

You said there are many ways for farmers to remain profitable; one can only assume you have business experience and many suggestions for uneducated farmers like myself to keep us profitable.

Yours, a farmer without a degree, profitable for the last 20 years, (2400 acre hill farm in the Real World)
Andrew Hawkins, Simonsbath, Somerset

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