Farm Sunday 2006 – Tim Teague

Tim Teague    Tim Teague

Manor Farm



If you are organising an event yourself then there are several things you can do on paper to help get things right. To advertise or promote your event you can use the media. That can work really well for events like Open Farm Sunday. 

You will need to write a snappy press release to catch their attention.


Mention it is free – that often helps get their attention. I have heard that even tourist information offices have helped some farmers to get a good turnout. 


To me there is another and very effective option which is good for particular groups like ramblers or bird watchers you want to reach. There are all sorts of networks and local hubs with databases and you can get them to access your target audience very easily by email. It saves you a lot of time and gets your event and the point of it out to the right people.


Discover and note down the expectations of the people coming.  If you don’t do that you haven’t a hope of meeting them and they’ll go away disappointed. 


A farm map with a few details makes a great hand-out. As a route map you can hand it out at the start. If it has more detail, then giving it out at the end is better if you don’t want people studying it when you want them to be listening. 


Keeping track of what you need to be preparing is crucial.  Make a checklist of things to be done weeks ahead, the week and day before and on the day.  Otherwise you suddenly find the event is two days away and you haven’t got everything covered.


I do feel you cannot charge the general public to come on a farm walk. We need to appear generous and fight the negative image of the grasping subsidy-led farmer.”


Top tips

* Get on and give it a try – practice makes perfect

* Jokes as ice breakers can back-fire

* Farms are fascinating – so drop the gloom














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