Farm wifes daughter and a struggle against a handicap

14 August 1998

Farm wifes daughter and a struggle against a handicap

Other peoples lives always seem interesting, which is why autobiographies sell so well and it always amazes me that people can remember things in such detail.

Peggy Broadhouses book* starts with her arriving as a young bride at Norcot Farm, in the Cotswolds in 1936 and despite its subtitle – The story of a little spastic girl – it is really a story of family life with all the love and struggles that encompasses.

The little girl is Toni, the younger of Peggys two daughters. She was brain-damaged at birth but this went undetected until she was three and it was even later that a specific diagnosis was made.

From slow beginnings, Toni has achieved a successful and fulfilled life and this heartwarming book is a lesson to us all that love and determination can help anyone to reach their full potential. TG

*Born Too Soon by Peggy Broadhouse, £11.50 inc postage from Hambridge Press, PO Box 5967, Thatcham RG19 6YY. Make cheques payable to Mrs


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