Farmer appeals for stolen dog

A WARWICKSHIRE FARMER is appealing for the return of his collie dog Monty who was stolen with a Land Rover from a farm sale in North Shropshire on Nov 26.

David Dawson has been regularly making the long journey from his home at Hill Farm, Atterton, Nuneaton to the Market Drayton area since Monty disappeared.
Despite local media coverage of the story and Mr Dawson‘s £100 reward for information leading to Monty‘s return, the search has so far drawn a blank. 
“We have had several sightings of a dog answering Monty‘s description but sadly they have all turned out not to be him,” said Mr Dawson.

“I have spent a couple of nights in the Market Drayton area calling out Monty‘s name but to no avail. It‘s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I still hope he will be found.”
Mr Dawson fears Monty was abandoned following the theft of green long wheel base Land Rover pick-up, which has an Ivor Williams canopy and a P650 EUT registration number.
Monty, who was not wearing a collar, is mostly black but has distinctive brown eyebrows.
“There is only a slight chance that he is still in the Market Drayton area but we are desperate for news of his whereabouts,” said Mr Dawson.

“He is not well trained but he is a pet as well as a working dog and we are all missing him.”
Mr Dawson can be contacted on 01827 712138

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