Farmer landed with fridge mountain

8 January 2002

Farmer landed with fridge ‘mountain’

By Adrienne Francis

A FARMER faces a bill of almost 700 to have refrigerators, dumped on his property as a result of new law, removed.

Bob Partridge, from Padstow, Cornwall had 50 fridges dumped on his land some time in the past fortnight, reports The Times.

It comes after the introduction of new European laws from 1 January, 2002, tightening rules on the disposal of fridges.

Old fridges now need their insulation removed before they can be scrapped, to prevent the release of CFCs into the environment.

Some are being fly-tipped to avoid the cost of proper disposal.

Mr Partridge told the paper the fridges may pose a danger to his 300 cattle and blamed European law for the fridge “mountain”.

“It has always been difficult dealing with the rubbish, but now it has got ridiculous.

“I fear for the future with this new law,” he added.

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