Farmer’s Land Rover rammed after sheep worrying row

A man has been banned from driving after he used his truck to pursue and ram a farmer’s Land Rover during a high-speed chase across fields.

James McConnachie, 46, of Forres Crescent, Dundee, also made violent threats to the farmer, Colin Mitchell, during the incident on Meikleour Farm Estates, Angus, in September 2013.

Perth Sheriff court heard on 1 October that Mr McConnachie had been seen on the estate for the second time in just over a week worrying sheep with his Lurcher dogs.

The high-speed chase began when the farmer took photographs of Mr McConnachie, who was with three other men, to identify them to the police.

Mr McConnachie drove his Mitsubishi vehicle alongside Mr Mitchell’s Land Rover and tried to grab the camera through the car window before ramming into the Land Rover three times.

Fiscal depute Bill Kermode told the sheriff court: “Fearing for his safety, [Mr Mitchell] drove off at 30-40mph.

“The group followed him and twice deliberately drove into the rear of his vehicle.”

Mr McConnachie drove off across another field, but police were able to identify him from the number plates captured in the photographs.

In court, he admitted having two dogs loose in a field of sheep and acting aggressively to other witnesses by shouting obscenities at them.

He also admitted threatening Mr Mitchell and ramming his Land Rover.

Mr McConnachie was banned from driving for 12 months and ordered to carry out 270 hours of community service.

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