Farmer threatens violence if ravers return

3 January 2002

Farmer threatens violence if ravers return

By FWi staff

A FARMER whose barn was taken over for by revellers for a New Years Eve rave party says he will use violence to prevent it happening again.

David Benton said told the Guardian that police did nothing as almost 100 young people ran amok on his farm at Moorby, Lincolnshire.

“It was like being a farmer in Zimbabwe,” he said. “The police stood outside the gate while inside people were smashing up my property.

“I will defend my property, and I will use violence if I have to if this happens again. The police have already said they will arrest me if I do.”

Inspector Dick Holmes, of Lincolnshire police, told the paper that officers could break up rave parties only if certain criteria were being met.

Officers had assessed the scene at the farm and, with regard to the law, taken the appropriate action, he added.

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