Farmer wanted… for space programme

Are you an arable farmer getting bored with the daily grind? Tired of battling against blackgrass and trying to defrost frozen water tanks in winter?

Well if you have ten years crop farming under your belt and experience of maintaining John Deere tractors, you may want to consider an unusual job vacancy.

SpaceX, a company that makes and launches rockets and spacecraft, is looking for a farmer to join its team of scientists and engineers.

The company advertised the job on its website last week and is looking for applicants who can perform duties including driving tractors, spraying fields and managing contractors.

In case you’re not necessarily seeing yourself as the next Neil Armstrong, don’t worry, the post is on terra firma, managing the land around Space’s rocket launch facility in the US.

Rather disappointingly for most UK farmers, the job may be out of reach as the advert also requires the successful applicant to have experience of farming in Texas.

Well, we can all dream. Of course if you do have the skills and experience, check out the job description on SpaceX’s website.

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