Farmers face 10m flood bill

1 November 2000

Farmers face 10m flood bill

By FWi staff

FLOODS across the country will cost farming communities more than 10 million, according to the insurance company NFU Mutual.

The company has said it is expecting at least 4000 claims as a result of last weekends storms. More bad weather is expected on Wednesday (01 November).

David Sweeney, NFU group claims manager, said flood damage had once again been severe in specific locations.

Among the worst-hit areas were the Somerset levels and low-lying parts of south-east England, he said.

In the light of previous experience, many people had taken the precaution of moving vehicles and machinery to higher ground, said Mr Sweeney.

“Losses of horses and farm livestock are minimal because land previously flooded was still too wet to be grazed,” he added.

“The animals were still on alternative, higher grazing or had been housed for the winter.”

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