Farmers get “best deal” for integrated assurance

Tuesday, 19 June, 2001

By FWi staff

PRICES for a new integrated farm assurance service covering cereals and livestock in England and Wales have been announced by Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb.

Farmers who want cereals-only assurance will pay a fee of 120 for year one if they farm less than 200ha (494 acres) and 170 if they farm more than that.

A joint FABBL membership for beef/lamb and combinable crops will cost 160 in the first year for farms growing up to 200ha of combinable crops; 210 for larger units.

Livestock-only membership remains at 85.

More may be charged for multiple sites on which stock are kept or where crops, fertilisers or pesticides are stored, says the company.

In all cases, renewals will cost 10 less than the joining fee.

FABBL chairman Ian Frood said the charges reflected the companys promise to offer the “best deal” in a tough financial climate.

The company acquired a license to verify arable farms to Assured Combinable Crops Scheme standards at the beginning of June.

It was a back-to-back arrangement, which will see ACCS offer verification of beef and lamb to FABBL standards, though no start date has yet been announced.

Producers interested in membership should contact FABBL on 01908 231642.


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