Farmers lead in the stress stakes

03 February 1999

Farmers lead in the stress stakes

THE slump in farmers incomes is just one of many problems associated with living in a rural setting, says a feature in The Guardian today.

Research carried out by the Powys-based Institute of Rural Health shows that farmers in Britain have an exceptionally high suicide rate.

Farmers are also high on the list of callers to the Rural Stress Information Network.

Other research carried out by Oxford University has found that farmers decide to commit suicide most frequently because of mental disorder.

The problem is often compounded by occupational, financial, legal, health or relationship problems.

The Institute also blames farmers themselves for their predicament, saying they are not accustomed to discussing their emotional needs.

Farmers frequently believe that the available counselling services are not appropriate for them.

  • The Guardian 03/02/99 page 6/7 (Society)

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