Farmers’ markets more popular

BRITAIN‘S 500 certified farmers‘ markets are expecting a record £25m in sales in December, the Daily Telegraph reports.

This would make farmers‘ markets the fastest growing sector in the UK food market.

According to the National Farmers‘ Retail and Markets Association, the busiest December ever is expected this year.

Research from FARMA has revealed that households spent 1.5m last year in Britain‘s 4000 farm shops and another 120m in farmers‘ markets.

Around a third of consumers have used a farmers‘ market or a food shop in the last 12 months, according to FARMA.

Gareth Jones, a spokesman for the association, told the Daily Telegraph : “People are finding they prefer the taste of fresh food.

“It‘s a revival of wonderful foods that many people have not had for years. Sprouts in a farmers‘ market could have been picked that morning or the night before.”

Mr Jones also said that the issue of traceability is important for consumers.

“After the BSE and foot-and-mouth scares, people want to know where their food has come from,” he said.

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