Farmers urged to be on the alert for illegal ravers

Landowners are being urged to report any incursions on to property by people who may be intent on holding illegal raves on farmland this summer.


Police are advising farmers to ensure that field and farm entrances are secured wherever possible, warning that trespassers could potentially put lives and property at risk – as well as causing distress to local residents.


Organisers of illegal raves usually fail to make arrangements to ensure the health, safety and security of partygoers. There is usually a lack of proper sanitary provisions and nothing in place to deal with the risk of fire.


Earlier this year, police in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk joined forces by sharing information about known offenders in a bid reduce the number of illegal raves across East Anglia.


Chief inspector Michael Holdsworth, of Suffolk police, said: “Our priority when dealing with raves is the health and safety of all those involved. If we can get onto a site early, seize equipment and prevent the rave from taking place, we will.”


Suspicious activity signalling the start of a rave could include large convoys of cars grouping together in car parks or vans and trucks suitable for transporting sound equipment making their way onto rural sites.


Where a rave is already up and running with large crowds of people present, chief inspector Holdsworth said it was sometimes necessary to monitoring the event closely to ensure as far as possible the safety of attendees.


“Vehicles trying to get on or off the site will be stopped and drivers details taken. Where possible the organisers will be identified and dealt with at the end of the event which will be closed down as soon as it is safe to do so.”

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