Farmers urged to drive out waste

AGRICULTURE is not making the best use of the knowledge and technology available to it.

“To achieve its full potential, agriculture will have to adopt the same principles that have made so many other UK industries truly internationally competitive,” said international consultant John Sprouster at this weeks Total Profit Management (TPM) launch at Stoneleigh.

Experience had shown that a processors single biggest production and marketing problem was variability of product quality and inconsistent supply, said Mr Sprouster, who used TPM to help the Australian beef and dairy industries recover in the 1980s.

Good quality was not necessarily high quality, he added.

“It is a predictable degree of uniformity and dependability at low total cost with a quality suited to the market.”

Production costs would fall, said Mr Sprouster.

“It will surprise many people that most production processes contain as much as 35% waste through inefficiencies and error.

“The farm will progressively change its output from commodities to quality, whose value will be appreciated by its customer.”

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