Farmers urged to follow CFE trail at LAMMA

Farmers are being urged to use the LAMMA show as an opportunity to learn more about the Campaign for the Farmed Environment.

The show, Britain’s largest machinery exhibition, opens its gates to the public on Wednesday (19 January).

In addition to over 600 trade stands, a special trail has been established at the show with participating stands providing visitors with tips and management advice on how to support the campaign.

It follows a warning by NFU president Peter Kendall that farmers must take CFE seriously or they will face more legislation.

Jim Egan, chair of the national CFE delivery group and technical director at FWAG, said: “It is vital to realise that the campaign is about replacing the environmental benefits of set aside which is why every farm with cultivated land must play its part.

“If every single arable farmer in this country puts down in the region of 2 ha seed mix and 1ha of pollen and nectar mix in the right place on every 100 hectares of land in production, and provides buffers beside vulnerable water courses, then the campaign will succeed – constructively and simply.

“There is no fixed percentage area to be placed in the key target options. However,   we would suggest that if every farm puts between three and four per cent of its arable area into these options, either through ELS or as campaign voluntary measures then again the campaign will succeed.”

The trail involves CFE partners and wider industry – FWAG, NFU, Natural England, Kings Game Cover Conservation Crops, GrowHow and Syngenta.

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