Farmers’ views count in Wales

WELSH FARMERS have been reassured that every response to three ongoing consultations on implementation of CAP reform will be considered before decisions are made.

Rory O‘Sullivan, the Welsh Assembly‘s head of CAP policy, said all views about the national reserve, cross-compliance and a possible national envelope would be read.

Mr O‘Sullivan was spekaing to members of NFU Cymru‘s council at Builth Wells.

He acknowledged that the 3% national reserve would “most certainly” be over subscribed in 2005, which made consultation on its distribution very important indeed.

So too was the sounding of views on the drafting a cross-compliance package that did not involve multiple inspections by a plethora of bodies. 

When he asked council members for their opinions on making deductions to create a national envelope he was left in no doubt about the strength of opposition to the idea.

The meeting was assured that Carwyn Jones, the minister for rural affairs, would also need a lot of persuasion if he was to sanction an envelope.

Peter Francis, chairman of the union‘s Carmarthenshire branch, urged every council member to reinforce the organisation‘s collective response by writing individually. 

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