Farmers Weekly campaign reaches 8.1m consumers – join it by signing FW’s petition

Farmers Weekly’s Local Food is Miles Better campaign message has reached more than 8m people in its first week.

The editorial team has given more than 20 interviews to TV and radio stations since the campaign’s launch last Thursday (11 May), clocking up a total of 73.5 minutes of airtime.
“It is a fantastic start to our new nationwide campaign,” said FW editor Jane King.

“The high media profile is helping to push home our key message that buying local food benefits the environment, consumer health and the wealth of the rural community.”

The FW campaign aims to influence key opinion formers and empower readers to become local food champions and promote food produced in their area.

There is also a petition that supporters can sign which aims to persuade supermarkets to stock more local food.

To sign the petition click here.