Farmers Weekly Podcast Ep 101: DairyTech and rural Tory support wanes

In this episode – as frustration builds at the challenges faced by farmers, a new poll shows the UK government is falling out of favour with rural voters.

We ask: Is the party over for the Conservatives in the countryside?

There is an air of optimism at the DairyTech event – but what exactly are the prospects for milk production when input costs continue to climb?

On the markets, we look at the latest grain prices.

We find out how small farms are using ethical crowd-funding to start new enterprises and fund business expansion.

And we meet meet the Londoner who turned his entire allotment into a wheat field so he could make a home-grown pizza

Full of news, views and analysis, this episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker and Surrey Farmer Hugh Broom.

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