Farmers Weekly Podcast Ep 116: Hottest harvest ever, ELM and big cows

In this episode, the hottest harvest ever – how was it for you?

We have a full report, including field fires, overheating grain and an interview with the farmer where the UK temperature reached a record-breaking 40.3 degrees.

As MPs launch an inquiry into the government’s Environmental Land Management scheme (ELM) for England, we ask: is it delivering for farmers?

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On the markets, we’ve got all the latest commodity values. And a special look at straw. With fertiliser prices so high, should you chop or bale this summer?

Dairy cows – are we breeding them too big? Why smaller cows could be more efficient.

And we pay a special visit to the Royal Welsh Show.

This episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker and FW acting deputy livestock editor Charlotte Cunningham.

Additional reporting by Farmers Weekly livestock editor Rhian Price.





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