Farmers Weekly Podcast Ep 191: Should UK farmers protest?

In this episode, we discuss whether UK farmers should take to the streets following protests by French and German growers and livestock producers.

We look at the impact of the wet weather on spring cropping decisions – and how growers might overcome a shortage of spring seed.

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The Welsh government is accused of pursuing an environmental policy which could see livestock and farmers leave the land. How should you respond?

We speak to the Lincolnshire farmer who won a Yield Enhancement Network award after growing a 16.6t/ha winter wheat crop.

We’ve our regular market round-up – and all the latest commodity prices.

And we find out how a new scheme is getting youngsters into dairy farming – ahead of this month’s DairyTech event.

This episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker and Scottish farmer Sandy Kirkpatrick, with additional reporting by Emma Gillbard, Shirley Macmillan, Phil Case and Abi Kay.

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