Farmers Weekly Podcast Ep 212: How regen agriculture has fared this season

In this episode, we join the crowds at the 2024 Groundswell event to find out how regenerative agriculture has fared in a challenging season.

We ask: is regenerative agriculture really more resilient than conventional farming?

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We find out about the premiums available for farming regeneratively and ask whether farmers should abide by a set of standards?

We speak to American regenerative farming expert John Kempf who suggests the UK could catch up with the USA when it comes to sustainable agriculture.

We discover the latest in eco-acoustics and listening to worms is a good indicator of soil health and microbial activity.

And we learn how a bike ride with the Rob Stephenson Trust is bringing people together and raising money for a good cause.

This episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker; and specialist arable agricultural journalist Louise Impey.

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