Farmers Weekly Podcast Episode 18: What next after three-crop rule?

Defra has confirmed that farmers in England will no longer have to comply with environmental greening rules to receive their full annual basic payment.

We examine what the end of the three-crop rule means for farmers and the countryside – and the future for agri-environment schemes.

Following the launch of a government commission on food standards, we speak to the farmer who will get your message across to ministers and trade negotiators.

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Will it really make a difference?

As a variable harvest continues, we have the latest reports on yield and quality – as well as our regular round-up of market prices, with a special look at dairy.

We look at one idea to deregulate the planning system – and how it might benefit your farm business and diversification.

And we discuss the target audience for the BBC’s Countryfile programme – after a farmer’s jokey tweet at the show’s expense goes viral.

This episode co-hosted by Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom, with Farmers Weekly deputy business editor Andrew Meredith.


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